Traditional Care at Home

Our skilled and compassionate care teams can help you with many mild to moderate health care needs in your home. We offer post-surgery care for many common surgeries, such as knee and replacement, shoulder surgery, back surgery, and more, as well as support for managing chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Care at home is available by referral, and your doctor can help determine if it’s a good option for you.

With care at home from
Kaiser Permanente, you get:

  • Caring teams of nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers, and home health aides, depending on your needs
  • Clinical services, including infusion of IV anti-biotics, complex wound care, in-home dialysis, diagnostics, lab draws, and more
  • Remote monitoring of vital signs and other key health indicators if needed
  • Education, tools, and support for managing your health at home

Better in-home care from a connected team

Most home health services are provided by third-party agencies — so the care you receive at home is completely separate from the care you receive in a hospital or other clinical setting.
At Kaiser Permanente, care at home is delivered by our own care teams — who can access and update your health records, consult with your Kaiser Permanente doctors and specialists, and have a complete picture of your Kaiser Permanente health history and care needs. Care at home is part of your overall care experience, so we can do more to support you.

How you can qualify for care at home

  • Your doctor has given you a referral for these services
  • You and your caregivers are willing participants in your plan of care
  • The home is in a Kaiser Permanente service area where care can be given safely and effectively
  • All of your medical care is provided under the direction of a Kaiser Permanente doctor or other clinician